Last week, my father and I went to our farm for our weekly visit. On our way back to the city something caught my attention and it was a new Ford pick-up truck. It wasn’t an ordinary F150 truck but it’s a newer and BIGGER version. That thing was really a true “head turner” so I had to look for it on the Internet. And so there it is…the F150 RAPTOR, one of the F-series pick-up trucks by Ford motors.

The RAPTOR is a modified F-150 intended for high-speed off-road adventure. Developed by the Special Vehicle Team of Ford Motors, it was used as a test vehicle for the all-new 6.2L, V8 engine (which is the standard engine for the 2011 model). It has a heavy-duty chassis and a skid plate to protect the engine. The suspension is built for long and high performance travel with 17” painted and machine finished aluminum wheels (well..’aint that cool or what?!).

The truck has a towing capacity of 8000 pounds with fuel economy of 11 miles per US gallon (21 L/100 km) city and 14 miles per US gallon (17 L/100 km) highway. Not bad for this type of vehicle.

I wish I have this truck…a very versatile ride for any environment and for every day travel! But may I ask, is it really WORTH buying and driving?