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Dear One-Packer…

Women (with substance) aren’t too ABS crazy than what most guys think.So even if you see your girl going “gaga” over hot guys with 6-pack abs..you shouldn’t get too worried about it. Just be the man she deserves..because at the end of the day…it’s YOU..dear one-packer is the only man she will ever need for the rest of her life!


Now leave that protein shake on the table…and

spend some quality time with your lady!



Behind every broken-hearted dirty old man is a young lady. If you are one, here’s an idea on how to find the right girl for you. Save yourself from all that drama of rejection. It’s high time to find the right one before the V-day ends! All you need is ask… and nothing else. =D

naaahhh……just kiddin! have a nice laugh everyone! bwahahaah!!